We are committed to being a 100% transparent organization. If there is something you would like to look at but don’t see here, please just ask and we will email it to you or post it online if we can. If you would like to meet our youth scholars, fund raisers, or board members please let us know, we want the world to know that we are a real organization, with real kids, making real change happen!

The Board meets quarterly by Skype. You are welcome to join, just drop us a line.  Our bylaws are available online.(pdf) And these are the dates we shoot for:

  • Quarter I, Winter (Jan, Feb, March) Meet first week of April
  • Quarter II, Spring (April, May, June) Meet first week of July
  • Quarter III, Summer (July, Aug, Sept) Meet first week of Oct
  • Quarter IV, Fall (Oct, Nov, Dec)  Meet first week of Jan.

Minutes *