We always welcome fundraisers! The money your help raise will go a long way in Nepal.  We can quickly help you get setup with your own fundraising page as well as the tools you need to rally supporters and help you make your fundraising goal,  starting out only takes a couple minutes. Big thanks to our current and past fundraisers (and their donors!) who have helped Wide Open Vistas. We couldn’t have done it without your help!

Past Campaigns


Thanks to Rich Leggett from Issaquah, WA for fund raising while doing the Annapurna Circuit in April, 2019 as part of ‘Team Salmon’. You can read their trip report here. Rich raised over $850 dollars and also helped out with a children’s race that we organize on the circuit. These funds have been deposited in our account.

Rich Leggett high up in the mountains


Matt and Jo Jenkins from New Zealand participated in the Langtang Fastpack with HAL in the spring – ‘Team Yak Cheese’ was able to make it over 5,000m on a local peak and raised funds along the way for WOV. If you take a look at their trip report and photos, you will understand how they got their team name. Thanks team!

Jo and Matt Stevens, flanked by assistant guide Rishi Chudal on left and lead guide Sudeep Kandel

Our third fundraising effort for the year was led by Yves Stevens who participated in a HAL trip around the Annapurna Circuit in the fall of 2018 as part of ‘Team Slow Momo’ – their trip report can be found here.  On his return from the Himalaya, Yves presented WOV as a candidate for fund raising to his son’s school Sjabi in Puurs, Belgium. Every year, the school organizes a charity walk and donates the funds to ten selected charity projects. Thanks to Yves efforts, WOV was selected as a recipient and the school raised over $3,000 USD for WOV!  Big thanks to Yves, his family, and the students at Sjabi School in Belgium!

Students doing a charity walk from Sjabi school in Puurs, Belgiumin



The Benenden School (UK)

Girls at The Benenden School, an independent boarding school for girls in Kent, England raised funds for Wide Open Vistas prior to visiting Nepal in 2018. Funds were raised for the Girls In Action Program and to sponsor girls under Youth Scholars Program.

Linda Quirk, Colin & Sandy Suckling

Linda (USA), Colin and Sandy (Australia) joined forces and helped raise funds for WOV in 2017 while attempting the ‘Langtang Lollipop’ with Himalayan Adventure Labs.


Michelle Landry

Michelle (Canada) raised money for girls education while attempting to be the first woman to solo the Great Himalaya Trail across Nepal in 2015. Why WOV? Michelle wrote: “I truly believe in WOV and its ability to give Nepalese children a chance to learn and grow. I want to pay forward the ‘vote of confidence’ that life has handed to me.” For some incredible adventures, look no further than her blog. The funds Michelle raised helped launched our Girls in Action Program.


Miyuki Massa and Thierry Massa

Wife and Husband team Miyuki (Japan) and Thierry (France) raised money through some really long runs. Miyuki raised funds while participating in the Penang – 84km Round Island event in Malaysia on September 26th, 2015. And Thierry ran his second 50k at the TNF in 2014 and raised funds for his core education program.  Follow their adventures at:  www.runningwithoutborders.com


Charlie Radcliffe

Charlie (UK)  raised funds in 2015 while attempting to set the record running around the Annapurna Circuit. Unfortunately he was met by unusually high snows on the route but by all means, he still had a great adventure (and also helped some kids in Nepal). Charlie is still doing some incredible adventures – check out his blog: www.digitalsteak.com

Taryn Graham

Taryn (USA) raised money for earthquake relief by running up and down a mountain trail for 10-12hrs in Washington State. Thanks for helping us raise $315 with your campaign!