We are proud to offer our third round of funding through our grant program. This time, we are offering one competitive  grant (up to 100,000 Nepal Rupees, approximately $1000 USD) to faculty members conducting research girls education, health and leadership.   We expect to have another round of funding for graduate students in the fall.

  • Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences – Dhulikhel Hospital.
  • Nepal Medical Society Teaching Hospital

Projects must be community based and preference given for those showing a strong connection with improving school retention for girls in Nepal.   For example, a program that is designed to increase self-efficacy through leadership skills, knowledge around menstrual health, and strategies for ending the practice of chaupadi would all be welcome.  There must be a clear evaluation plan in place.  Bench science/biomedical interventions will not be funded. All projects must include a plan to disseminate results in a professional forum (conference presentation, manuscript, etc). All project must be approved by an ethics board before funds will be provided. Female faculty candidates are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process and Instructions

Applications must be received electronically by April 15th midnight in Kathmandu, 2019. Award decisions will be made May 15th by  WOV. Recipients will have one year after receiving their award to use the funds. Half of the funds will be released upon award and proof of IRB approval, the remaining funds will be released following a mid-term progress report. A final project report is required within 30 day

Applications must be typed and submitted electronically MS Word file using this template (MS Word) which is patterned on a NIH proposal application. Please see the template, including in-line comments which include formatting instructions as well as guidance.  Proposals submitted that do not follow these instructions will be rejected without being reviewed.

We recommend you contact us first to make sure your proposal idea fits with our funding priorities. Once done, send an email with the proposal attached to info@wideopenvistas.org containing the subject line ‘WOV 2019 Grant Award Round I’. If you do not receive email confirmation of your submission within 72 hours, please contact us.


  • This award is only open for  faculty members at the two schools listed above. In some cases, doctoral students and post-docs may be eligible but permission must be requested in advance. Female faculty are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Approval from an Institutional Review Board is required before funds will be disbursed.
  • We want to see you succeed.  We hope your project will not only have an impact – but also set you up with the data you need to pursue larger funding.


February 15th, 2019

  • Award was opened up to all faculty members at both institutions with language added that female faculty are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Award was consolidated from 2 awards at 50,000 NPR to 1 award at 100,000 NPR
  • Title changed: from ‘Increasing school retention for girls and/or ending chaupadi’ to ‘Improving girls education, health, leadership’