We can’t just sit still! We are partnering in a new project with two other organizations to build strong bamboo housing with metal roofing for residents in Nuwakot, Ranipauwa, Kakani-2, Sisneri. We expect to fund at least 20 of the 35 houses that will be built using some of your donations (approximately $100 per house + transport and labor). Sudeep will be on site and we’ll be collecting full receipts, and will share photos of each person with their new house. These are still meant to be temporary, but they will last a lot longer than a piece of tarp and perhaps most importantly – feel much more like a home.

Huge thanks to Pawan Shakya from Himalayan Map House for coordinating and leading this effort and inviting us to participate. Pawan has marshaled several others including Derek and Rajendra Lama from Friends Adventure Team. Also, big thanks to Sudeep for coordinating things from the WOV side and to our new friends at Global Degree, especially Michael Graziano, Natalia Anja, and Alex Hennessy, who have brought additional resources to bear on this project; they are also lending their volunteer time to work with us in the field and helping to document the project.
The team is currently purchasing supplies, arranging transport, and hopes to be on site building the first house this Friday.

Our total cost for this project is $2,650 dollars – this has already been dispersed as materials need to be purchased. We are also happy to  report we received an anonymous donation today for $2,000, we can’t say much about that but we can say we have Global Degree to thank for connecting us with the sponsor. We are looking forward to sharing some progress notes! ‪