Super long Thursday here in Kathmandu. Sorry for the super long post about it but we want to let you know what we are doing. We spent a lot of the day zooming around the city checking out tarps and ultimately buying 120 – many are 12 X 18 ft which will provide a lot of coverage. Many shops are closed and the few selling tarps are charging extortionate prices. Thanks to Robin Boustead, Richard Bull, and a network of people in Kathmandu working on shelter acquisition, we found a bulk dealer who wasn’t trying to profit and just wanted tarps over people’s heads. We have hired a jeep to take us to Phaplu tomorrow which is the nearest road head on the Solu Khumbu district – it touches the original trail that took people to Everest Base Camp. (These days most people skip this section and fly into Lukla before hiking north.) Porters will meet us here and help us carry the tarps to Taksingdu which has been heavily damaged and basically the county seat – also Dorjee’s home village. From there – a lead woman from 7-9 nearby villages will select tarps (we have two sizes) for families in their villages who have none, or only partial shelter.

Once things are distributed Dorjee will continue north to Phakding where his lodge, already with one floor heavily damaged, may have been totally destroyed following the second earthquake three days ago. This is also the same village where we hope to help rebuild the school and Dorjee will meet with the school rebuilding committee and assess the situation. With the second quake, things have gone from bad to worse. Dorjee plans to stay there for a month.

Seth and Sudeep will go in the other direction and travel fast and light southwest for ~3 days (assuming no major landslides, which is a big assumption). Earlier today the two visited the International Office for Migration (IOM) today and got trained and oriented (thanks Theo and Ambika) on data collection methods and will report back on displaced communities in the valley. Seth and Sudeep hope to reach the road head in Jiri about 5-7 days from now and will figure out a way back to Kathmandu from there. The last section near Jiri is in Dholaka which was heavily damaged in the last quake. Periodic updates will be posted to this page from their sat trackers but will show only a msg and coodinates for that location – for a view of the full journey please see:

That is the plan! Our budget for this is $2,000 and we hope to put shelter over up to 200 families (some of the tarps can shelter two families) before the upcoming monsoon. Thank you for your donations that made this possible. Please keep spreading the word and keep Nepal in your minds. Thanks! ‪#‎earthquakenepal‬ ‪#‎nepal‬