Bamboo Houses

Bamboo Houses

We can't just sit still! We are partnering in a new project with two other organizations to build strong bamboo housing with metal roofing for residents in Nuwakot, Ranipauwa, Kakani-2, Sisneri. We expect to fund at least 20 of the 35 houses that will be built using some of your donations (approximately $100 per house + transport and labor). Sudeep will be on site and we'll be collecting full receipts, and will share photos of each person with their new house. These are still meant to be temporary, but they will last a…Read more

Tarps, Fastpacks and Community Assessment

Super long Thursday here in Kathmandu. Sorry for the super long post about it but we want to let you know what we are doing. We spent a lot of the day zooming around the city checking out tarps and ultimately buying 120 - many are 12 X 18 ft which will provide a lot of coverage. Many shops are closed and the few selling tarps are charging extortionate prices. Thanks to Robin Boustead, Richard Bull, and a network of people in Kathmandu working on shelter acquisition, we found a bulk dealer who…Read more

The Earthquake in Nepal and WOV

Namaste, First, this messageĀ is going out to everyone who has donated to Wide Open Vistas (WOV) past or present. Thank you once again for your help towards WOV efforts to help victims of the Nepal earthquake. Nepal is still suffering significant aftershocks, and disruptions in communications, water, and healthcare. If you gave prior to the earthquake - wonderful. We have a very solid education strategy being reviewed by the board (a draft is on the website) along with a proposed budget that should see our 9 kids plus 11 more supported through 2016…Read more