Keeping Kids in School

We are proud to be able to support the educational efforts of twenty children living in Kathmandu.

These children have been identified as being “at risk” of discontinuing their education. Each child receives a minimum of $200 of funding per year; these funds are paid directly to schools, clinics and parents to help subsidize their education and keep them in school. We also allocate funds to a girls empowerment program. All students and families have given us permission to use pictures and stories on this page. Please see our education plan and goals for more information and how we help below:

Tuition Support: $120 per year ($10 per month). We pay this in six month allotments to the school in front of the student and family. In the case of students at the government school, fees are usually lower than this so we apply the money toward a credit at the canteen so they can have a hot lunch. In the case of private school students, the parents may end up responsible for a balance after our subsidy.

Books and Uniform: $40 per year, we give this at the beginning of the year direct to the matriarch of the family in front of students and school administrators. The intention is they use it for books and uniforms – if they use it for another household purpose – we can’t stop that. But the logistics of providing the subsidy otherwise, combined with the pretension that we know best, make this the best mechanism for delivery of support.

Medical: We cover a comprehensive medical exam at a clinic that focuses on foreigners in Nepal. There are many other fine clinics that may charge less, but we know that the quality of the exam is very high and we are still getting a discounted rate relative to what walk-in patients receive. We pay $25 per exam and budget an extra $15 for any followup. This is rarely needed but gets put into a risk pool for the rare scholar that does need some medical help. We also set aside $1,000 every year as a medical emergency risk fund. This may not appear to be much money for medical expenses outside of Nepal, but it is a considerable amount in Nepal. And should it not be enough –  we will do our best to connect students and families with local resources.


Maiti is 14 years old, studies in grade 7 at Himalaya Boarding School. She has a sister named Kanchi who is back in their home village of Sindhupalchok. She lost both of her father and mother three years ago. She was brought to Kathmandu two years before by her relatives. Education package pledged by Manesh. For more update on Maiti Please click here.


GANGA is the twin sister of Kelsang. She is 18 years old and studies in grade 10 at Himalaya Boarding School. Education packages pledged by Willehard and Jane Wortelboer. For more update on Ganga Please click here.


Kelsang is the twin sister of Ganga. She is 18 years old and studies in grade 10 at Himalaya Boarding School. For more update on Kelsang Please click here.


Pemba is the eldest son of Pasang Sherpa. He is 18 years old, studying management in 11th grade at Pushpalal Memorial College  He aspires to become a Chartered Accountant or a technical engineer in the future. He loves playing football and likes hiking in mountains. For more update on Pemba please click here.


Pemba in his school yard.

Nima is the second son of Pasang Sherpa. He is 16 years old, studying in grade 1 at Buddha Academy. He loves eating thuppa (Tibetan noodle soup), likes to play and watch football. His favourite colour is green. For more updates on – Nima, please click here.


Nima at his parent’s mo:mo shop.

Phurba is the third son of Pasang Sherpa. He is 13 years old and studies in 6th grade at Buddha Academy. He also loves thuppa and playing football. His favourite subject is science. He wants to be a businessman in the future. For moe updates on Phurba please click here.


Phurba with his elegant smile.

Mingmar is the fourth son of Pasang Sherpa. He is 13 years old. He also studies at Buddha Academy in grade 5. He wants to be an engineer. His favourite food is mo:mo. He enjoys studying his favourite subject, social studies and playing football. For more updates on Mingmar please click here.


Mingmar in his school playground.


Sher Lakhpa He is 10 years old, studying in 4rd grade at Conventry Boarding School. He wants to be a trekking guide in future as he loves exploring. According to him, his favourite colour is red. He loves eating apples and playing badminton with his best friend, Chetten. Thank you Aden W for helping to support Lakhpa’s education. For more updates on Sher Lakhpa please click here.

Sher Lakhpa

Sher lakhpa with his big smile.


Sampriti is 12 years old, studies in grade 5 at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School.  She usually is under top 5 in her class. She finds science a bit hard to learn but she said she is working hard on it. She is a member of “Girls in Action” team under girls empowerment program run by Wide Open Vistas. Education package for Sampriti has been pledged by Amanda M. For updates on Sampriti please click here.

Sampriti in school


Isha is 11 years old, studies in grade 7 at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School. She likes color red, singing and wants to be a doctor someday. She is a good runner and has been actively participating in “Girls in Action” activities, a girls empowerment program run by Wide Open Vistas.  For more updates on Isha please click here.

Isha with her usual graceful smile.


Ranjita is 12 yrs old studying in 6th grade at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School. Her favourite subject is Nepali. Her family had to move to Kathmandu from Sindhupalchowk after the earthquake. She wants to be a doctor in future. For more updates on Ranjita Please click here.



Dina is 9 years old, studying in fourth grade at Himalayan Boarding School, Budhanilkantha. She loves playing badminton, watching television, singing and eating mo:mos (Nepali and Tibetan style dumplings). She wants to be a doctor in future. In our recent visit with her, she said she wants to join our “Girls in Action” team and participate in different outdoor activities. Educational support provided by John and Georgie J. For more updates on Dina Please click here.

Dina smiles as camera clicks.


Sonam studies in 6th grade at Himalaya Boarding School. 13 years old Sonam wants to be a football player in future. He is a fan of Christiano Ronaldo and his football team, Real Madrid. He practices football in his neighbourhood. He also loves playing basketball and studying. According to him, red and blue are his favourite colours. For more updates on Sonam Please click here.

Sonam getting a bit shy with camera.


Sangita is 15 years old studying in grade 7 at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School. She loves drawing and wants to be artist in future. Orange is her favourite colour and she loves ice-cream. For more update on Sangita Please click here.

Sangita in her new glasses after the medical examination.


Smriti is 16 years old studying in grade 11 at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School. She loves colouring and dancing. She has been actively participating in ‘Girls In Action’ programs. She has been feeling confident and strong after being part of the program. For more update on Smriti Please click here


Pasang is 9 years old studying in grade 2 at Fusion Academy in Budhanilkantha. Science is his favourite subject. He likes to play football. For more update on Pasang Please click here.



Dawa is 14 years old studying in 7th grade at Budhanilkantha Higher Secondary School. He lives in Tarebhir with his grandfather and aunt. He walks 1 hr to go to school everyday. For more update on Dawa Please click here.



Sudeep is 10 years old studying in 4th grade at Himalaya Boarding School. He wants to be a football player in future. For more update on Sudeep Please click here.



Pramod studying in U.K.G.(pre school) at Himalaya Boarding School is 7 yrs old. He loves watching cartoons like Ninja Hataudi, Motu Patlu in television. Also he likes to play football and cycling. He lives with his single mother in Budhanilkantha. For more update on Pramod  Please click here.



Last updated on March 05, 2017.