The goal of this program is to help girls in Nepal increase their self-confidence, knowledge of health issues and family planning, physical fitness, and social connections. This is done through a combination of extra curricular activities like trail running, hiking, meeting successful Nepali women, health classes and other activities. All these activities are led by women. To see all of our blog updates tagged with ‘Girls in Action’  please click here

Current Programs

Health Classes

We conduct health classes relating to personal hygiene, menstrual health, reproductive health and family planning by a female doctor or a female health educator. Boys attend part of these classes, but the majority of the classes are just for girls.

Past Programs

Lunch with successful and inspiring women

Our goal with meeting successful women is to inspire girls and build their confidence about being a girl. Getting connected with successful woman and learning about their journey will motivate the girls to never give up on their goals whatever that be in life.

Hiking and educational visits

Hiking helps girls to connect with nature and boost their energy. It is good for physical fitness. Each season will have two hiking trips

Girls Running Program: 5k and 10k Training Programs

In 2017 and 2018 we offered training runs to interested girls with a goal of participating in local 5k and 10k races. Elite female runners like Mira Rai and Lizzy Hawker have been volunteer trip leaders at some of these runs. We did this through a unique partnership with Trail Running Nepal which continues sponsorship at the National and International levels for elite runners.