Girls In Action

‘Girls In Action’(GIA) Program is a girls empowerment program run by Wide Open Vistas (WOV). Our goal with this program is to help girls in Nepal increase their self-confidence, knowledge of health issues and family planning, physical fitness, and social connections. This is done through a combination of extra curricular activities like trail running, hiking, meeting successful Nepali women, health classes and other activities. All these activities are led by women. Please note that as of July, 2018 – we have curtailed many of the activities in this program due to budget issues and are now focusing on the health education subprogram as it has the highest impact with respect to cost and logistical support.

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Girls in Action Updates

WOV staff Sonam getting a hand from her friend Esha took our WOV girls for a hike to Nagi Gumba – Shivapuri National Park, Kathmandu ...
We met Lizzy Hawker to discuss about WOV girls hike/run. She is available in 2016 but in the mean time, she helped us to contact ...
#TeamWOV #Nepal would like to thank Mira Rai for joining our WOV girls team for a hike to Jamacho Gumba, Shivapuri on 19th of December ...
Many many thanks to Lizzy Hawker for the copies of her book, ‘Runner‘ signed and ready to go to our ‪#‎TeamWOV‬ girls ‪#‎Nepal‬. Lizzy signing ...
Wide Open Vistas would like to thank Lizzy Hawker for encouraging and supporting our girls on the hike  to the top of Shivapuri Peak on ...
Our WOV girls team completed their first International Women’s Day 5k Fun Run/Walk on Saturday, March 5 2016. It was amazing to see them finish ...
We are very excited to have more girls from Shree Budhanilkantha H.S.S. joining our WOV girls team for running, hiking, cycling and other girls empowering ...
WOV girls team had a 5k fun run in Budhanilkantha on this Saturday, 29th April 2016. Altogether 52 girls participated and finished the 5k trail ...

Programs under Girls In Action

GIA Programs:

1. Hiking and educational visits

  • Hiking helps girls to connect with nature and boost their energy. It is good for physical fitness. Each season will have two hiking trips

2. Health Classes

  • We conduct health classes relating to personal hygiene, menstrual health, reproductive health and family planning by a female doctor or a female health educator. We think this helps the girls to be relaxed and confident to learn and talk about their health issues.

3. Lunch with successful and inspiring women

  • Our goal with meeting successful women is to inspire girls and build their confidence about being a girl. Getting connected with successful woman and learning about their journey will motivate the girls to never give up on their goals whatever that be in life.

4. Girls Running Program: 5k and 10k Training Programs
– We offer training runs to interested girls with a goal of participating in local 5k and 10k races. Elite female runners like Mira Rai and Lizzy Hawker have been volunteer trip leaders at some of these runs. We do this through a unique partnership with Trail Running Nepal which continues sponsorship at the National and International levels for elite runners.

Mira Rai is a Nepali Ultra trail runner. She has participated in many international competitions and has won numerous awards. She was voted the National Geographic’s 2017 People’s Choice Adventurer of the Year Mira has become an inspiration for many girls across the country.

Lizzy Hawker is a British long-distance runner. She has held the world record for 24-hour road running and is a former world champion at 100 km. She is also Mira Rai’s mentor when Mira was starting her career in the trail running world.

We have divided GIA programs into four seasons and each season into 10 weeks. Each season has its own set of activities and training schedule.

1st season: June 1st to Aug 15th.
2nd season: Sep 1st to Nov 15th.
3rd season: Dec 1st to Feb 15th.
4th season: Mar 1st to May 15th.

We have some rules for GIA and Girls Running Program:

  • We will have 5k and 10k training for each season.
  • Each season will be 10 weeks long.
  • There will be a 5k and 10k race at the end of each season.
  • All girls participating in the training must provide the permission form/liability release signed by their their parents.
  • We will give a calendar for each season; girls need to come for trainings according to the calendar and must be punctual.
  • New girls can join only in the beginning of each season and not in the middle of the season once the training starts.
  • New girls will have to go for 5k training first. Only after completing the 5k training can they upgrade to 10k training in next season.
  • Only the regular attending girls in the training will be allowed to participate in the race of each season.
  • All people are of equal value as human beings. So, no Wide Open Vistas girls are allowed to dominate, control or discriminate against one another on the basis of age, grade, cast, religion or any other reason.
  • All girls must act like a team and help each other if needed during hikes, races, training or any other programs.
  • At the end of each season, the participating girls for that season will need to fill out a short anonymous evaluation form and write an honest letter to WOV regarding the effect of the program on their personal development. There will be zero tolerance for bullying and disrespect to other girls. If any girl is found doing so to other girls; she will be dismissed from the program.
  • If there is any serious complaints about the program or between GIA girls, they can submit a written complaint to WOV staff who will decide on appropriate action after asking for statement from all sides involved.
  • In case of a child being abused or not treated properly, contact our Child Protection Officer at Wide Open Vistas.
    Dr. Samjhana Belbase
    Balkhu, Kathmandu,,
    Phone: +977-9849590665 / +977-9861494844

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