Why Donate?

Wide Open Vistas is supporting children so they stay school. We currently budget $200 per year per student. This is meant to help the parents afford school, they still have an obligation to contribute toward the costs. We operate with less than 5% administrative overhead, so the vast majority of your donation will go directly to program costs. We are also a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit.

Please use the buttons below to select a donation amount or contact us if you have a question. The donation amounts listed are in USD($), and cover the costs indicated for 1 full year (e.g. $40 for one year of book/uniform needs). A little bit can make a big impact in Nepal, we are grateful for whatever you are able to contribute! Please read our commitment to keep your information private in our privacy statement.

Adventure for a Cause

Please also consider supporting our #TeamWOV Adventurers! Wide Open Vistas has historically been supported by incredible people doing incredible things. Learn more about individual adventure fundraisers, and how you can become one, on our Adventure For a Cause page!

The "Fine" Print

If you need our EIN to setup a matching gift or organization account it is: 46-4952663. You are also welcome to send us a check (made out to Wide Open Vistas) or arrange for a bank transfer, simply contact us.

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