WOV sometimes comes across an opportunity to help Nepal in small but often impactful ways. A description of our community projects to-date can be found below. Please also contact us if you are part of a nonprofit and would like to collaborate on an initiative, or have other ideas for how we can support Nepal.

Girls Bathroom in Northern Kathmandu

There is a strong link between access to bathroom facilities for girls and staying in school. With donations following the earthquakes in April and May, 2015, we built a bathroom for girls at a large government funded (read unfunded) school in northern Kathmandu. We continue to work toward small incremental improvements on the bathroom as time allows, but it became fully functional in mid 2016 and is a a huge step up from prior facilities. We also support a number of scholars at this school. It is important to note that most families with any resources send their children to private schools in Kathmandu. The public, or government, schools are severely under funded.

Earthquake Relief: Tarps, Community Assessments

The May 12th earthquake, which measured 7.3, only added insult to injury in Nepal. We completed three objectives: a) Deliver tarps to the village of Heywa with donations made to Wide Open Vistas. b) Travel from Heywa west to Jiri and conduct community assessments for the International Organization on Migration -while moving through parts of Solukhumbhu, Ramechhap and Dolakha. c) Deliver additional tarps to Phakding in the Solukhumbu and assess potential of helping to rebuild community school. Here are a few pics, for more info please see this dispatch.

Earthquake Relief: Building 20 Bamboo Houses

We partnered with two other organizations to build strong bamboo housing with metal roofing for residents in Nuwakot, Ranipauwa, Kakani-2, Sisneri. The entire project was managed by our friends at the Himalaya Map House and we also had volunteers and Sudeep Kandel on site. For more information – please see this dispatch.

Shoes for kids

A the summer of 2016, we were contacted with a special request to help purchase shoes for children in Mira Rai’s home village of Sano Dumma, a remote part of eastern Nepal. Many of the children there wear plastic sandals, flip flops, or go barefoot. The board weighed the proposal and thanks to our generous donors, we were able to help. The total funding for purchasing shoes for children in the village was $450 USD and plans are now underway  to make the children’s race (and the shoes)  self-sustaining in the coming years.

If you haven’t heard about Mira Rai (or even if you have), please consider watching the short film ‘Mira’ on Vimeo. Not only will you be inspired, but “100% of net proceeds from movie sales go to funding the screening of this film across Nepal in remote places using mobile cinemas & for girls who would potentially be inspired by watching Mira’s film.