Adventure for a Cause

We are proud to be building our #TeamWOV Family. TeamWOV often consists of endurance athletes, climbers, runners, and outdoor adventurers. Others are simply passionate about Nepal. All funds raised for these adventurers go to Wide Open Vistas, fundraisers pay their own adventure costs! Please consider supporting one of our TeamWOV family members, their profiles and campaigns are below.

How to Become a #TeamWOV Adventurer

Has something been sitting on your bucket list for too long? Are you ready for your next adventure? Why not use the good work being done at WOV to motivate you to get started? Whether it’s a 5K or a 50K, raising even $10 for Wide Open Vistas will help a child in Nepal go to school for a month. We are a verified 501(c)(3) charity with FundRazr, which allows you to quickly setup a linked fund raising page that you can fully customize. It’s your own page, donations go straight to WOV. Signing up takes three simple steps.


Email us at and tell us a little about your challenge/adventure and how you want WOV to put your funds to work (general fund? girls? boys?). We will do our best to reply within 24hrs and will send you a unique URL FundRazr gave us.


Use the unique link we send to setup your campaign. You can upload a photo, tell your story, and set your goals.


Click on the share buttons and off you go! Be sure to take photos during your adventure so we can share your journey with our TeamWOV family and help you reach your fundraising goal. If you’re on Instagram, please use the hashtag #TeamWOV.

Current #TeamWOV Fundraisers

Linda Quirk
Another great adventure awaits for me in Nepal. As with all my adventures since 2005 my goals are not solely for myself. Visiting and trekking/running in Nepal has been one of my bucket list items for over 30 years. I had the opportunity to meet Seth Wolpin in Seattle to learn about Wide Open Vistas and his fastpacks. Children, especially girls, in Nepal face tremendous hardships when it comes to education. By helping to raise funds to support the efforts of WOV the process of overcoming great obstacles to obtain an education can change the fate for many girls. It is a fact that by educating girls, the cycles of poverty can be broken in one generation. So my friends, please join me in giving the opportunity for a chance to create change in the lives of Nepalese girls … and stay tuned for some exciting news after I return!!! This is just the beginning!! To donate to Linda’s campaign, please visit her fundraising page.
Colin & Sandy Suckling
Colin and my first visit to Nepal was back in 2008/09 to do some hiking through the magical awe inspiring Himalayan Mountains. For any one that hikes and likes mountains this is the Disneyland of all hikes and Nepal brought many mixed emotions to us both. What we didn’t expect was the connection that we had with the Nepalese people along the way. We declared that one day we would go back but with a purpose to help out in any way we could. I personally had a real connection with the young girls that I met from the local villages. They would sit with me and somehow we would communicate in any way we could but what I did find out was that they should have been in school but the family needed fire wood so they were off collecting fire wood from the hills and carrying it down in baskets around there. To read more about their effort, please check out Sandy’s blog post and to donate to Colin and Sandy’s campaign, please visit their fundraising page.

Past #TeamWOV Fundraisers

Michelle Landry
Michelle is raising money for girls education while attempting to be the first woman to solo the Great Himalaya Trail across Nepal. Why WOV? Michelle wrote: “I truly believe in WOV and its ability to give Nepalese children a chance to learn and grow. I want to pay forward the ‘vote of confidence’ that life has handed to me.” Check out her blog ( for more info! To find updates please visit her online campaign!
Seth Wolpin
Seth is almost always doing something silly. In 2012 Seth ran across the USA and raised $1,376 the initial seed money for sending kids to school in Nepal. In 2014 Seth walked/climbed/crawled across the Great Himalaya Trail with friends John Fiddler and Kathleen Egan and they raised over $3,000. More recently- he ran 50 miles in the mountains for WOV right after the first earthquake and managed to raise $1,261. His blog is at:
Thierry Massa
Thierry Massa raised money by running his second 50k at the TNF and raising money for our core education program. Some of the donations here were made on behalf of Miyuki so we have rolled everything into her active campaign.
Charlie Radcliffe
Charlie raised $665 while adventuring around the Annapurna Circuit. Please read his blog for more info!
Taryn Graham
Taryn raised money for earthquake relief by running up and down a mountain trail for 10-12hrs in Washington State. Thanks for helping us raise $315 with your campaign!
Miyuki Massa
Miyuki raised $570 by participating in Penang – 84km Round Island event in Malaysia on September 26th, 2015 and from her active campaign