1. Sonam Sherpa is 14 years old and studies in grade 7. His favorite subjects are science and computer. He aims to be a football player in future and has been practicing playing in the ground for 7 years because Sonam believes to make his future bright and successful. Traveling different places with family and friends is what he loves.
  2. Pramod Basnet is 8 years old and studies in grade 1. In his letter to Wide Open Vistas, Pramod talks about his likes, interests, and aims. He lives with his mother in the northern part of Kathmandu valley and shares that visiting a zoo, fun parks, bicycling, playing karate etc are his interests. He aims to be a pilot when he grows up. Pramod like to wear shirt and pants.He wants to visit Whoopee Land, a modern amusement water park but his mom would not take him.
  3. Sampriti Dahal is 13 year old and studies in grade 6. She lives in the northern part of Kathmandu valley with her mother and brother. Her brother and mother work for their living. Sampriti is passionate about reading and because Wide Open Vistas has been supporting her, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude to the team and hopes for more support in coming days too.
  4. Sudip Lama is 13 years old and studies in grade 5. He lives with his aunt who is a housewife and uncle who works as a security, and his cousin sisters studying in the same school. Sudip wants to practice Maths and aims to be an engineer in future. He says that he wants to reach up to his goal in life. His hobbies include playing basketball, eating mo: mo.
  5. Deena Lama is 11 years old and studies in grade 5. She has 5 members in her family: mother, father, step-mother, brother and herself. Her mother is a housewife and her father is a farmer. Sharing her interests, Dina shares that she likes to dance, eat mo: mo. Science is her favorite subject. Her future goal is to be a nurse.
  6. Rina Tamang is 12 years old and studies in grade 6. Rina lives with an extended family member of 10. She likes to study Nepali subject and her hobby is to dance. When she grows up, she wants to be a teacher. Black is Rina’s favorite color and mo: mo is her favorite food.
  7. Pasang Sherpa studies in grade 3 and is 10 years old. In his letter, he shares his hobbies and thanks WOV for the support. His father works as a trekker during the season and mother runs a hotel. Pasang likes to play with his friends at his school, watch television and is also interested in horse-riding. He also shares his routine from early morning to night with the help of his mother.
  8. Prasamsha G.C studies in grade 4 and is currently living with her grandmother. Her mother and grandmother work really hard to help her fulfill her needs but also shares that she is deprived of her father’s love which saddens her. In the situation where it is difficult for her family to pay the school fees, she is happy with WOV supporting her educational needs.
  9. Phurba Tashi Sherpa, son of Pasang Sherpa and Pashi Sherpa studies in grade 8. He has 4 brothers studying at different levels from grade 3 to 12. Pasang Sherpa is a trekker and Pashi runs a hotel. Phurba has participated in sports activities and has also won the games many times. He likes to do boxing and aims to be a British Army in future. Lastly, he thanks WOV for providing the support to meet his educational demands.
  10. 10 years old Sher Lhakpa Sherpa studies in grade 5. His father is a trekking guide and mother runs a hotel. Lhakpa like to play sports like basketball, badminton, football and also loves traveling places like Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini. He wants to be a trekking guide in future as he loves exploring places. He is also interested in studying Social studies.

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