It was mid-September 2017 when Girls In Action season 3 started with girls participants from various schools and now, it has come to an end. But every end welcomes a new beginning and so our season. A new season will come up with new participants and new energy with new experiences.

Different activities: hike, run, lunch with inspirational women, health class with its own kind of importance has been organized successfully within a period of 2 and half months. Hearing the group talks of these girls are filled with the excitement, fun, and curiosity. Many of the new participants have gained a lot of self-confidence within themselves: from sitting quietly to reaching out to talk, from running with shy to running like whom they can be and from staying behind to gaining the confidence managing and leading the team. This is something that might not have had happened to all of them and it’s completely okay. We have a long way to go through and more power and positivity to come along in the journey ahead.

The various set of activities has enhanced the social, mental and physical aspects of life. Girls were always mesmerized by the beauty of nature during the hike, felt the changes going through themselves after the run and the inspired by the female personality in the lunch program. The opportunity to participate in the health classes resulted in great feedback from the participants later.

From buying the running shoes, getting sports bra donations from Columbia was the moment of happiness for every one of us. This is something which has added more responsibility to the team and to the girls too.

Within this time period, we coordinated with team members, various organizations, schools, and teachers who have helped us in making our program more meaningful and effective. Gratitude to everyone who has supported us and this is the reason we can grow bigger and better.

Rising up high!