Girls In Action- Season 3 team hike to Dadagaun, Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park: peaceful, close to nature, some joyful moments throughout the journey and a new experience for the girls, most of them had never experienced before.

The journey began the early morning at 7 from Budanilkantha, the northern part of the capital city. The girls were all ready with their bags packed with their own food and water bottles. We distributed banana and samosa(a fried dish that consists fillings of potatoes and spices) to the girls and then headed towards Shivapuri entrance gate. It was a total of 11kilometeres(approximately) walk which took us around 5 hours with games and breaks in between.

As we reached to Dadagaun, there was an open space where the girls sang, played games, exercised silence activities, paired up with the least spoken girls and shared their feelings and got to know each other better. Sadly, few girls got some cuts and scratches on their body from the thorny plants. Our first aid kit was of great help and even had to take one of our girls to the clinic for antitetanus injection. They are in good health now.

Being close to nature is always motivating where our mind and body gets relaxed where it absorbs the positive energy. The beautiful view of the Kathmandu city carried away everyone’s heart out. A lot of happy faces captured: on and off the camera. The melodious and whistling sound coming from the surrounding erased all of our tiredness.

We had 29 girls who walked with us and yes, their energy is undoubtedly amazing as always. Writing it down is always less for their appreciation.

We would like to thank everyone for supporting us and making this happen and special thanks to our team leader Sudeep Kandel for the routes and creating a great bonding with every participant.

At the Shivapuri gate, just before we started our journey.