Wide Open Vistas conducted health classes under Girls In Action program at two
different schools located in Budhanilkantha, the northern part of Kathmandu valley.
Altogether 84 girls from grade 5 to 10 participated in the program. The class was conducted for
2 days which included Sexuality Education on the first day and Self defense training on the
second day. The whole package of the class took an approximately 6 hours. We had presenters,
trainers and the team from Sahaayam Nepal who led the session.

The objective of delivering this session was to make school girls aware of the various changes going
through them, introduce the importance of reproductive health, maintaining personal hygiene,
the right to make a healthy choice to their bodies, relationships and promote
self-defense techniques.

The girls’ participation was filled with much enthusiasm and curiosity as they rarely get such
platform to speak openly about menstruation and the changes they are going through. They
raised questions and gave their opinion on issues like menstruation and harassment. The other part of the program was self-defense class where girls were taught few
techniques which upon practice seem very useful and more importantly they are relevant, practical and everyone enjoyed the atmosphere.

The presenters created an open and friendly environment that made the girls comfortable
listening to the content and speaking their heart out. They delivered the content in a beautiful
way despite the discomfort created from a small classroom with a large number of participants.
The energy of the presenters and trainers was something to be appreciated more than

Looking at the feedback from the participants, they were happy with what they learned and
were thankful to WOV for making this happen. They learned the skills and knowledge to know
what is right and what not and also were introduced to new terms which they were unaware
of before. The schools also expressed their positive thought about the program and were impressed
with what we did.

Finally, we are thankful to team Sahaayam Nepal, Aum School, Diamond School, presenters,
trainers and participants for making this happen. It would not have been possible without your
support. We would also like to express our gratitude to every single individual who directly
or indirectly supported to make this happen.

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