This week has been exciting for Wide Open Vistas for couple of reasons. Firstly, we interviewed and interacted with several candidates who applied for the position of Program Coordinator. We are humbled to receive so many genuine interest and queries in what WOV is doing in its effort to improve educational and health outcomes of kids in Nepal. Right now we are assessing the applicants. Secondly, we had our summer quarterly meeting on 15th June and are excited for new developments which we will publish and share on our quarterly newsletter. And to wrap the week off we received 2 letters(attached) from our scholars! Peaceful weekend to everyone. #teamwov #Girlsinaction #Nepal

Our scholar Ganga’s letter for WOV.
Our scholar Isha’s letter for WOV. Letter translation in English: Today, I am writing about my village, Tare-Veer. It is very beautiful and enjoyable village with lots of green forests around. The water is very pure and cold here. There are around 150 households and a primary school, where lots of small kids go to study. There are lots of rhododendrons and berries in the forest nearby. There are 3 monasteries around here of which, Nagi Gumba is the popular one. I would like to end my letter thanking WOV very much for sponsoring my studies.