A few more pictures and notes from our site visit to Buddhanilkantha Public School earlier this month. Even though the bathroom has been in use for several months, and we have had our ribbon cutting ceremony, there are still some finishing touches to do. Construction in Kathmandu is always challenging! We sat down with the principal and vice principal and made a laundry list of items that need fixing. Sudeep is going to take the lead on coordinating these with contractors and the school, he will also have help from Sonam, and we expect to spend 200-300 USD:


  1. The bathroom needs an outer door to add privacy and security. There are doors on the inner stalls but this is not good enough.
  2. The outer faucets need to be replaced with better hardware, the original were cheap and several are already broken. Soap dishes are also needed and a skim coat of cement above the washing area where workers chipped away at it while installing tile.
  3. A permanent water pipe between the school’s water system and the cistern above the bathroom. Right now they have to manually attach a hose to fill the cistern on the roof and these does not always get done as it should.
  4. Exterior painting – Sonam is going to coordinate getting supplies and having the girls paint it in whatever colors and designs they see best.
  5. Exploring options for stocking sanitary pads in the bathroom.
  6. A plan to keep it clean, we may need to build a small closet to keep supplies in. We need to figure out how to have the school take pride in it and maintain it from here out…Sonam is going to look into this.
  7. Electrical – lights need to be installed and possibly a small solar/battery backup system.
  8. A cement ramp for accessibility – this was in the original plans but did not get executed.
  9. If all of this goes well, I would like to see us explore some other areas next year like adding mirrors and sinks inside and some banisters on two dangerous stairwells in the school.

Thanks to Dan and Stephanie from the 3rd Annual Annapurna Fastpack for joining us in this site visit. Stephanie’s students in Seattle helped raise money for some of the work we have done at this school. And to everybody for your help and support!