We are very happy to pass on this progress report from Raju Kati, a practicing optometrist at Dhulikhel Hospital.  Wide Open Vistas was able to provide a micro-research grant in 2015 (approx  $870) to Raju and his team so that they could purchase much needed tools for screening pediatric patients with vision issues. To date, they have screened 438 patients and helped correct the vision of 75 patients thanks to these tools. This project has a solid measurement plan, will soon extend to screenings in public schools, and has been been approved by an Institutional Review Board. Results will eventually be published in peer reviewed journals and will assist Raju in completing his graduate work (he is working on his masters degree). All receipts are on file and we will be sharing future progress reports – but here is the first one! Way to go Raju and team!  Pediatric project Report (PDF)


The Revised Sheridan Gardiner Test
A Pediatric Patient Using The Revised Sheridan Gardiner Test