What We Do

Youth Scholars Program

We support the educational efforts of over twenty children living in Kathmandu. These children have been identified as being “at risk” of discontinuing their education. Each child receives a minimum of $200 of funding per year; these funds are paid directly to schools, clinics and parents to help subsidize their education and keep them in school.

Girls in Action

We offer hikes and training runs to interested girls in Nepal with a goal of participating in local 5 and 10k races, as well also be offering educational field trips to participants of all abilities.

Community Projects

We provide financial resources and supplies to a variety of often low-cost and high-impact projects across Nepal. This has included rebuilding efforts in the aftermath of the 2015 earthquake, construction of a Girl’s Bathroom, and other collaborative efforts with nonprofits based in Nepal.

What Makes Us Unique

Sustainable Solutions

We focus on long-term and measurable outcomes through sustainable solutions. We’re not a “quick fix" non-profit.

Direct Impact

We are a small team composed primarily of volunteers. This means you can be sure your support is going directly towards our key initiatives.

Community Relationships

We work directly with people in Nepal to create, facilitate, and coordinate our programs. This means our approach is culturally sensitive and recognizes the importance of working with the community.

Recent Updates